Add Number To Each Line

Processed Output (click to copy):

How Add Number To Each Line Works?

This tool allows you to add numbers to the beginning of each line of text. To use it, input your text into the “Input Text” area. Then, select your desired numbering style from the dropdown menu: “1” for “1) “, “2” for “(1) “, or “3” for “1. “. Click the “Process Text” button, and the numbered text will appear in the “Processed Output” area. You can easily copy the processed text by clicking on it. The tool is straightforward and user-friendly, making it easy to format text with numbered lines.

Remove Text From Each Line Tool Example

Let’s say you give this tool as an input

My name is Sammy.

After selecting the number style, it will give you this as an output.

(1) My name is Sammy.

This is how easy it is o use this tool.

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