Extract Emails from Text

Extracted Emails (click to copy):

How Extract Emails from Text Works?

  1. Input Text:
    • Enter your text in the “Input Text” area provided.
  2. Extract Emails:
    • Click the “Extract Emails” button to process your text.
  3. Processing:
    • The tool uses a regular expression (/[\w.-]+@[a-zA-Z.-]+\.[a-zA-Z]{2,}/g) to find email addresses within the text.
    • Extracted email addresses are collected and joined into a list, separated by new lines.
    • If no emails are found, it will display “No emails found.”
  4. Output:
    • The extracted email addresses will appear in the “Extracted Emails” area.
  5. Copy to Clipboard:
    • Click on the “Extracted Emails” area to copy the email addresses.
    • The tool will select and copy the text to your clipboard, and briefly change the text color to indicate the text has been copied.

This tool simplifies the task of extracting email addresses from large blocks of text.

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