Keep Lines Containing Word

Filtered Lines:

How Keep Lines Containing Word Works:

  1. Input Text:
    • Enter your text in the “Input Text” area provided.
  2. Word to Keep:
    • Specify the word you want to keep in the “Word to Keep” field.
  3. Keep Lines Containing Word:
    • Click the “Keep Lines Containing Word” button to process your text.
  4. Processing:
    • The tool splits the input text into lines using the newline character.
    • It filters the lines to include only those containing the specified word.
    • The filtered lines are joined together with newline characters.
  5. Output:
    • The filtered lines will appear in the “Filtered Lines” area.
  6. Copy to Clipboard:
    • Click on the “Filtered Lines” area to copy the text.
    • The tool will select and copy the text to your clipboard, and briefly change the text color to indicate the text has been copied.

This tool helps you easily filter and keep lines that contain a specific word from a block of text.

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